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Name: Ng Yi-ShengSex: Male
DOB: 11/25/1980
E-mail: ng.yisheng [at] gmail.com
Languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, French.
Hobbies: Writing, travel, language study, capoeira.

Citizenship: Singapore

Relevant Work Experience

Mar 2011-present: Part-time performer and workshop leader, Word Forward
Jan 2011-present: Part-time lecturer, Creative Writing, Nanyang Technological University
Mar 2010: Creative writing workshop, School Of The Arts
Dec 2009: Poetry workshops in schools as part of the Bengaluru Habba
Jul-Nov 2009: Consultant, Experiencing Singapore Literature
Mar 2008: School writing workshops, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Gifted Education Programme Enrichment Camp
Apr–Aug 2006: Visual Arts Manager, National Arts Council
June-Aug 2004: Copywriting intern, Young and Rubicam, Kuala Lumpur

Awards and Distinctions for Writing and the Arts  

Mar 2009: Nominated, Best Script for “The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles” and Best Production for “Reservoir”, Life! Theatre Awards
Dec 2008: Winner, Singapore Literature Prize 2008, English Category
Aug 2008: Listed by Straits Times in “30 Under 30” promising young people in arts/design/entertainment.
Dec 2007: Listed in “The Power List 2007: Faces to Watch” by Straits Times 
Feb 2007: 1st prize, Culturepush's “Very Short Story Writing Competition” 
Dec 2006: "SQ21" listed as best non-fiction book of 2006 by Straits Times 
Oct 2006: "last boy" listed as Book of the Month by Sunday Times 
Aug 2005: Listed as one of “50 Young People to Look Out For” by Straits Times 
Apr 2005: King’s Crown Silver Award Winner for Extra-Curricular Involvement by      Columbia University 
Aug 2003: 1st Prize, Velvet Underground Singapore Slam for Writers’ Week 03 
Jun 1999: 1st Prize (Open), Theatreworks 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 
Dec 1998: Gaurav Kripalani Award for Excellence in the Arts in RJC 
Sep 1998: 1st Prize, National University of Singapore Poetry Competition 
July 1998: 4th Prize, Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition 
Jun 1998: 1st Prize (Student), Theatreworks 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 
Sep 1996: 1st Prize, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Short Story Writing Competition

Publications and Performances of Literary Work  

Solo Publications 

“The Crocodile Prince”, forthcoming in 2013 [novella]
“Diary of a Stone Monkey”, forthcoming in 2013 [memoir]
“Eating Air”, 2008 [movie novelisation] 
“On His Wings: Soaring”, 2008 [commemorative book on ACS (Independent)] 
"SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century", 2006 [creative non-fiction] 
"last boy", 2006 [poetry collection]  

Edited Publications 

"Eastern Heathens: An Anthology of Subverted Asian Folklore”, 2013 [Co-Editor]
"GASPP: a Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose”, 2010 [Head Editor]
“Roots and Wings: A Selection of Works by Writers from the Creative Arts Programme”, 2009 [Co-editor]
“Onewinged: An Anthology of Young Writing”, 2000 [Head Editor] “First Words: A Selection of Works by Young Writers in Singapore”, 1996 [Co-editor]  


“The New Village” by Wong Yoon Wah, 2010 [poetry translated from Mandarin into English]
 Poetry Anthologies ”Fifty on 50”, 2009
“Reflecting on the Merlion”, 2009
“Double Skin: New Poetic Voices from Italy and Singapore”, 2009
“Over There: Poems from Singapore and Australia”, 2007 “In Our Own Words: Volume 7”, 2007  “Cider Press Review: Volume 8”, 2007 
“Love Gathers All: The Philippines-Singapore Anthology of Love Poetry", 2003 "No Other City", 2001  “Tributaries”, 1995  

Fiction Anthologies 

"Fish Eats Lion”, 2013 [speculative fiction anthology]
"Crime Scene: Singapore”, 2010 [crime writing anthology]

Drama Anthologies  

“5 Under 25”, 2003  [Singapore young people's drama anthology]

Essay Collections

"Shifting Boundaries”, 2011
“FOCAS 6: Regional Animalities”, 2007

Mixed Anthologies

“поехать в С-пур”/”To Go to S’pore”, 2013 [an anthology of Singapore literature in Russian]
“man/born/free”, 2011
”Tumasik: Contemporary Writing from Singapore”, 2009
“Writing Singapore: An Historical Anthology of Singapore Literature”, 2009
“Roots and Wings: A Selection of Works by Writers from the Creative Arts Programme”, 2009 
“Onewinged: An Anthology of Young Writing”, 2000
“Eye on the World: Imprinting the Journey”, 1998  “First Words: A Selection of Works by Young Writers in Singapore”, 1996
“Eye on the World: Envisioning Community”, 1995


”Praire Schooner”, 2014 [US-based online journal]
”CERIPH 4”, 2011 [Singapore-based print journal]
”Moving Worlds”, 2010 [international transcultural magazine]
“Asian Cha”, 2009 [Hong Kong-based online journal]
“Red River Review”, 2006 [US-based online journal] “Softblow”, 2006 [Singapore-based online journal] “Quarto“, 2005, 2004 [Columbia university-based print journal] “queer”, 2005 [Harvard university-based print journal] “Tablet”, 2005, [Columbia university-based print journal]  “Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore”, 2005 [Singapore-based online journal] “The 2nd Rule” 2004,2002 [Singapore-based online journal] “Asian Journal”, 2003 [Columbia university-based print journal] 

Performances of Dramatic Work 
“The Lan Fang Chronicles”, May 2012
“Mee Pok Man, The Musical”, part of “6 Five Foot Broadway Mini Musicals”, Musical Theatre Limited, Jul 2010; Italia in Cucina, Mar 2011
"The Patriarch Always Pays”, DramaBox, Aug 2009
"Reservoir", Theatreworks, Aug 2008 
"The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles", W!ld Rice, Aug 2008 
“V.I.S.T.A Lab 2.0: Interference”, Theatreworks, Dec 2007 
“V.I.S.T.A Lab 1.0: Impetus”, Theatreworks, Sep 2007  
“Riots and Roses: the Singapore Nurses Association Musical”, Fly Entertainment, Jul 2007 
“Philips Sketch”, Fly Entertainment, Jul 2007 
"The IBM Musical", Circus Max and IBM, Jan 2007 
"Georgette", Musical Theatre Singapore , Jun 2007 
“Frostbite”, Short and Sweet Singapore, Singapore Drama Educators Association, Short and Sweet Sydney, Apr, Jul 2007, Jan 2008 
"251", Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble, Apr 2007  
"Founders", St Hilda's Secondary School, Mar 2006 
"Serve", The Ordinary Theatre, 2006 
“Redhill Blues”, Republic Polytechnic Drama Club, 2005; Creative Arts Programme Alumni, 1999 "Serve" (staged reading), The Necessary Stage, 2001 
"Snake", Stage Right, 1999 
"Hungry", Theatreworks, “charging up memory lane” theatre festival, 2001; “got to go: play till dawn” theatre festival, 1998; also by various school groups thereafter, including NUS, Singapore Polytechnic, Anderson Secondary School and International Islamic University, Malaysia 


“Snake”, Eusoff Hall Productions, 2002

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

“Rhyme and Punishment”, Word Forward, Oct 2011 [performance art/performance poetry/drama staged as part of the Singapore Writers Festival Fringe]
“The City Limits”, Word Forward, July 2011 [performance poetry/dance/music/drama staged as part of Lit Up!]
Various songs inspired by “last boy”, Esplanade, Jan 2010 [songs written with indie music group Sam and Clarence in response to poetry] 
Experiencing Singapore Literature, National Library, Oct 2009 [advisor and performer for all-night symposium on Singapore literature in all genres]
“Nostalgia”, Substation Magazine, Oct 2009 [short story written and performed via podcast, in response to artwork in Singapore Art Show]
”Bird Call”, Arts Fission, June 2009 [text and performance with dance group]
“Biennale Poetry Project”, Singapore Biennale, Sep-Nov 2008 [commissioning poets to create works inspired by visual art]
Design and MC work, FARM, Sep 2007-Jan 2009 [work for ROJAK, an interdisciplinary presentation series by local artists and designers]
ContraDiction, Aug 2006-Aug 2009 [curating writers and songwriter-musicians for popular annual queer literary reading]
“A Loud Poem to be Performed for a Very Obliging Audience” included as performed poem in "Poetic Licence", STAGES, 2005

Critical Writing and Journalism

Critical Writing Theatre and dance reviewer for The Straits Times since Dec 2006 Theatre and dance reviewer for The Flying Inkpot Reviews since Sep 2005 
Theatre reviewer for Singapore Art Gallery Guide, Sep-Dec 2009 Art and theatre reviewer for The Substation Magazine Sep 2007-Feb 2009   Journalism Reporter for What's Up: News for Kids since Mar 2008  Reporter for Fridae.com since Mar 2006 72-13 quarterly, Theatreworks, Jan 2007-Nov 2009 Commentary writer for Today, Nov-Dec 2006 
Documentary Blogging
Official blogger, ILGA Asia Conference 2013, Mar 2013
Official documenter, Flying Circus Project, TheatreWorks, Jan 2013
Official blogger, ILGA World Conference 2012, Dec 2012
Official blogger, The Canvas: the National Art Gallery Blog, Feb-Jun 2011
Official blogger, Singapore Arts Festival Blog, May-Jun 2010 
Official documenter, Flying Circus Project, TheatreWorks, Nov 2009-Jan 2010
Official blogger, Singapore Biennale, Sep-Nov 2008
Official documenter, Flying Circus Project, TheatreWorks, Nov 2007

Arts Training Programs 

Sep 2010: British Council Writing Workshop with Tiffany Murray
Oct 2009: British Council Creative Writing Residential Pilot Project
Aug 2009: DramaBox Blanc Space Collaborative Playwriting Programme
Jul 2007: World Interplay 2007  June-Sep 2005: Basic Photography Course, The Substation 
Jan 2002-May 2005: Writing Programme, Columbia University
Nov 2000-Feb 2002: Playwright’s Cove, The Necessary Stage
Feb-Nov 1999: Greenhouse Project, Writers’ Lab, TheatreWorks, 
Aug 1997-May 1998: Creative Arts Programme Mentorship (Angeline Yap)
Aug 1994-May 1995: Creative Arts Programme Mentorship (Lee Tzu Pheng)
June 1994, June 1997: Creative Arts Programme Seminar

Literary Festivals, Events and Tours

Nov 2012: George Town Literary Festival, Penang, Malaysia
Jun 2012: Makassar International Writers Festival, Makassar, Indonesia
Jan-Feb 2011: “GASPP” Promotional tour, London, UK
Dec 2009: Madras-Chennai Local, India
Dec 2009: Bengaluru Habba, India
Oct-Nov 2009: Singapore Writers Festival, Singapore
Oct 2009: Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Bali, Indonesia
Mar 2009: World Poetry Day Festivities, Turin, Italy
May 2008: WordStorm Festival, Darwin, Australia
May 2008: “Over There” Promotional Tour, Perth, Australia
Mar 2008: Man Hong Kong Literary Festival, Hong Kong, China
Dec 2007: Wayang Kata V, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Apr 2007: Columbia Queer Alliance Anniversary Talks, New York, USA